Server Rules


♦ㅤGriefing of any kind is not allowed, even unclaimed builds or lands can not be griefed, but can be looted.

♦ㅤDo not claim or build next to other members without their permission within 200 blocks from their claim.

♦ㅤOnly claim lands that you are going to use. You have one week to build on an empty claim, otherwise admins have the right to delete the empty claim after 7 days of it being empty without your permission.

♦ㅤYou must only claim a natural resource if you plan on turning it into a farm or using it. If the nature resource was claimed and not built on or used, admins have the right to delete it after 14 days. Natural resources include but not limited to: Mob Spanwers, Villages, Ocean monuments, End Portals, Fortresses, etc.


♦ㅤYou are allowed to loot any unclaimed container (chests, barrels, shulkers and any other form of containers). This includes any container with public access permission.

♦ㅤScamming or stealing from other members in any way is prohibited. This include no stealing from a claim you are trusted in.

♦ㅤYou're not allowed to pick the loot of a player who just dead. If you pick something by mistake, you must return it.


You are allowed to speak in any language in the chat if you follow chat rules:

♦ㅤSpamming of any kind (includes links, mentions, commands, text, etc.)

♦ㅤAdvertising other Discord or Minecraft servers (This includes "Dm me for an invite to...").

♦ㅤAny form of toxicity (racism, disrespect towards members, suicide encouragement, excessive swearing, inappropriate topics etc.) is not allowed.

♦ㅤNo discussing bans in game or in discord.


♦ㅤDuping, abusing bugs, and hacking leads to permanent ban with no chance to appeal. You're not even allow to use vanilla bugs, except TNT duping. If you want a bedrock on top of nether ceiling broken for you contact server owner.

♦ㅤNo killing other players without their consent (permission) even if they have pvp on!

♦ㅤPublic farms and public warps are for everyone. Respect other people turns and wait for your turn. Only one player at a time allowed to use the farm if no limit specified. You are not allowed to afk at public farms! to afk at a farm, make your own.

♦ㅤYou're ONLY allowed to use the auto building/printer mode for shematica, or litematica or any other mod to ONLY make maparts!

♦ㅤBe mature about your actions.